These Beasts: Daniel Lint


We discovered Daniel on Instagram where his unique approach to collage stands out from the crowd. While many people focus on narrative-based compositions defined by a page Daniel uses the medium of cut paper and glue to render pristinely uniform abstractions on fields of color. The result speaks for itself, but in case you've got a short attention span we'll be explicit: this is someone you'll want to familiarize yourself with.

1.) What’s your name?

Daniel Lint

2.) Where are you from?

Seoul, South Korea

3.) Where do you live?

Currently residing and working in Maui, HI

4.) 3 reasons why your life in your city couldn’t happen anywhere else?

1. It’s Maui.

2. It’s a completely new place to me. I know no one and have no distractions to get caught up in.

3. My son’s being born here any day now.


5.) What kind of work do you do?

I work as a full time freelance visual designer and collage artist.

6.) What keeps you inspired?

The things that keep me inspired the most are music, nature, and life. The similarities between those three are the organic nature of their growth. All three of those start from nothing but an idea and emotion and through time evolve into something amazing and beautiful. Actually, now that I think about it anything that comes from nothing and grows with it’s integrity and values is inspirational to me.

7.) Where do you work? Describe it to me as if I’m a person who recently went blind, and you’re giving me a tour of all the details.

I have had the pleasure of being able to work from home for the past several years. I’m currently setup in a room that is all wood paneling on the walls and floors. I work on this raised ledge in front of 3 large windows that face outside. The ledge and windows span across the length of the room so theres a lot of work space. It’s taller and I currently have a metal stool that has no support whatsoever so most of the time i stand since it’s perfect height for that. On the right side I have my computer, studio monitors and cutting mats. This is where I do a majority of my work. In the middle portion I have my turntable and printer/scanner. I spend most of my time in here working on projects, generating new concepts, listening to records or reading everyday.


8.) What is 1 challenge that has defined you for at least one chapter of your life?

Working for others.

9.) What are some of your favorite snacks, and do you eat them while you work?

I don’t really snack. I guess veggies or some almonds or whatnot….water count? I drink a lot of water. 

10.) If you had the power to be extremely persuasive, and you were invited to a presidential dinner, what kind of food allergy would you persuade everyone to believe you had, and why?

Simple — decline the invitation and not go, no persuasion needed. I’d rather be at home with my fiancé and son anyways. All that other stuff sounds like an anxiety attack.