These Beasts: Aaron Ashwood *Special 9 Part Space 15 Twenty Feature*

Aaron profile.jpg

This is a 9 part series in collaboration with Urban Outfitters' Space 15 Twenty. Our Origami Girls and Wavy Boys show will be up Feb 16-18, and we're doing free workshops from 11-4 on Saturday & Sunday. We will also be running collage features on their blog and social media.

@champ_ashwood first got our attention the same way most collage artists do: via instagram. His materials are rough and coarse, but his techniques are exact and smooth. In his work a clear sense of graphic design combines with a brash sense of irreverence for a grand old time.

1.) What’s your name?

Aaron Ashwood.


2.) Where are you from?

Tasmania, Australia.


3.) Where do you live?

Just moved to Melbourne, Australia to begin my first year of art school.


4.) 3 reasons why your life in your city couldn’t happen anywhere else?

1. Always a short flight back to Tasmania from Melbourne, couldn't stand being any further away.

2. Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia, good music, food and art anywhere you go. Very easy to make a variety of networks here.

3. Creatively I don't think there's a better place to be living.

Aaron studio.jpg


5.) What kind of work do you do?

My collage work is quite broad. I've been doing a fair bit of commission work lately which is more design orientated which I really enjoy, as well as a more conceptual style which is more for myself. My work tends to be pretty all over the place, I don't really like being stuck in a box I have to work from and enjoy being more experimental and open minded.


6.) What keeps you inspired?

Other artists, whenever I come across someone new that amazes me I immediately want to sit down and knock out a bunch of new collages.


7.) Where do you work? 

I work from my room. It pretty much looks like i've been hoarding for the majority of my life.


8.) What is 1 challenge that has defined you for at least one chapter of your life?

I'm only 19 so I don't feel like there has been many defining chapters so far, but when I was young my parents broke up and I feel like this made me more independent in the way I do things which I feel is important as an artist.


9.) What are some of your favorite snacks, and do you eat them while you work?

I don't really eat anything when I work, find it distracting when I have an idea that I want to get out. But I do often have a banana and strawberry smoothie with me at all times.