These Beasts: Lennox Rees *Special 9 Part Space 15 Twenty Feature*

lennox photo.jpg

This is a 9 part series in collaboration with Urban Outfitters' Space 15 Twenty. Our Origami Girls and Wavy Boys show will be up Feb 16-18, and we're doing free workshops from 11-4 on Saturday & Sunday. We will also be running collage features on their blog and social media.

We first discovered @LennoxIvy via instagram. Within the collage scene there are a wide range of different types of practitioners. Some come from fine art baackgrounds, some come from no art backgrounds, and the rest are everything between. Amongst all these various types of talents Lennox Rees stands out. Her clean lines, explicitly-defined shapes, and thoughtful color palettes combine to create a style that employs the efficient and pleasurable communication of graphic design, in a colloquial form that always has human warmth. 

1.) What’s your name?

Lennox Rees.


2.) Where are you from?

I was born and raised around the Puget Sound area in Washington. After moving from there, I spent 6 years in Portland, Oregon, followed by 2 years in Los Angeles, California.


3.) Where do you live?

Austin, Texas.


4.) 3 reasons why your life in your city couldn’t happen anywhere else?

You know, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to my life and the city I live in. The adventure involved with moving is super inspiring and motivating for new work. Of course, there's specific environments that I mingle better with. Like, places that are "small" big cities and ones with an off-beat vibe. All I need is a space to work, some glue and X-Acto blades, and paper.


5.) What kind of work do you do?

I work full-time as a junior art director at an agency and create collage artwork outside of that. My work is a mix of strong graphic design influences overlaid with artistic tendencies. I love creating new meaning from mundane experiences/objects paired with colorful, intrusive shapes.

lennox studio.jpg


6.) What keeps you inspired?

The hunt, the process, and the surprise. I love collecting new (old) materials. I'm inspired by the actual materials and the combinations that form a story. I love shuffling paper cut-outs until it sits right. It's all about trial and error. The selecting, the cutting, the touching... it's all motivating to keep creating. Outside of that, fashion, fine art, and life experiences inspire me.


7.) Where do you work? 

My studio is 1 of the 3 bedrooms in the house. It is shared with my office desk for my full-time, work-from-home agency job. There's 2 large industrial tables on 2 of the 4 walls. There's multiple sets of shelving above the tables that hold finished collages and tchotchkes. A walk-in closest stores a ton of materials along with a large metal cabinet with double doors that houses even more unfinished collages.


8.) What is 1 challenge that has defined you for at least one chapter of your life?

Losing sight of my passion. There was a chapter in my life where I abandoned all creative aspects of myself. I wanted nothing to do with them because I forgot how to understand and use my creativity. I had been passionate with a creative outlet earlier in my life, but as time moved on, I found other substances and interactions to distract me. I've been back in the saddle for the last 6 years and only keep improving!


9.) What are some of your favorite snacks, and do you eat them while you work?

Oh boy! I. Love. Snacks. Anything from Nacho Cheese Doritos to Fujiya's Milky Candy; I'll chow down. However, I do not eat snacks while I work. No grubby fingers allowed in the work space, damnit.