Collage Lab Recap: Quiet Life

twin beast quiet life show_2 square_web.jpg

Quiet Life, oh how we love thee! So you know we were super hype to get together and hang at the Highland Park shop, and make collages with all sorts of people on May 12. And when we say "all sorts of people," we are talking: black, white, asian, hispanic, jewish, young, kids, grandparents and everyone in between. We do these events to give people an opportunity to get together with strangers, be productive, and have fun. The inevitable outcome is people hanging out with folks they wouldn't normally hang out with, and celebrating how much they have in common. Conversations take place, art goes down, and folks leave feeling a little bit more connected to the community around them, and a lot more empowered about being creative.

Check out the galleries below for pictures from the event (courtesy of Mr. Andy Mueller aka Mr. Quiet Life himself), as well as collages from the folks who came out. If we missed your @, or got it wrong holler at us and we'll make it right! Big big thanks goes out to Excel Blades for supporting us with free tools, and empowering some free-wheeling Angelenos to have fun and make a difference for a day. We love when things are made in America, and Excel does a great job of that. And if this looks like fun to you then mark your calendars for June 23, and come hang with us at These Days for our next totally free collage lab (details coming post hate in the events). 

All photos by Andy Mueller