Twin Beast Proudly Presents:

Origami Girls & Wavy BOys

Feb 16 - 18 @ URban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty

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Feb16: Reception & dance party.

Feb17: Free collage workshop

Feb18: Free collage workshop

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Hey! We are gonna be at Urban Outfitters in Hollywood for Valentines weekend. Friday night Tiff and Zach will be showing collages, and we'll have a dance party with complimentary refreshments.

Come back inspired on Saturday and Sunday.

We'll have lots of free materials, and a limited amount of tools for collaging (*cough cough* bring your tools if you got some).

We'll have collage iron-ons, so bring a blank t-shirt if you want to make a collage shirt! 

We'll also have prizes from Altamont, Everybody.World, and Tidal for folks who make outstanding art, and folks who bring the right vibes.