Back Wax

Back Wax


Back Wax is a scented artisanal wax product. 100% of the sales of Back Wax goes to skaters who need help paying for medical attention.

This Batch is scented with Jasmine and Piña Colada.

This batch contains wax molds of:


Skate Unstopper

Half a Banana

Powell Rat Bones Wheel

Motorola Pager

Audio Cassette Tape

Back Wax is made in Los Angeles by hand.

This batch will be used to pay for additional materials required to launch the program. Basically, we need to buy a big old bucket of heavy duty polyurethane so that we can make more molds, and we need a bunch more wax. We have covered the costs thus far, we just need your help to go a little further, and then we’re really in business.

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