Destroy This Book Vol.2

Destroy This Book Vol.2


This is issue 2 of Contemporary Collage Companion, the collage journal that is also a collage material. This book is intended to document, transmit, and inspire culture. Volume 2 features the artist Dewey Saunders. Inside you will find:

18 pages of Collage Art

12 pages of Colors and Patterns

11 pages of Collage Inspirations

4 pages of Essay

3 pages of Photos to collage with

1 page of Artist Bio

1 page of List of Bands & Musicians

Book measures 8.5" x 11"

On the back cover you will find a list of many great artists. Use the hashtag #DestroyThisBook to share the work you make, and compare how you and your peers utilize the same materials in different ways. 

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