Stoke Much vol. 1 Issue 2

Stoke Much vol. 1 Issue 2

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This is Volume 1 Issue 2 of Stoke Much: a magazine that celebrates the creative culture of skateboarding. This issue is organized around a theme: "What is the skater’s place?”

Everyone knows that the world is going through some serious changes, and so is skateboarding. So, we decided to put together an issue that takes a moment to reflect and ask what our place is as skateboarders, rather than barreling into a new future reacting to what society said our place should be. Society doesn’t know anything, and that’s evident in the outright failure of capitalism. So, we took a moment to look into what we know as skateboarders. What we discovered may shock you, unless you’re a skateboarder, in which case it will make you bunch up your fists in exuberance, smile and say, “Yeah, I fucking love this shit.”

This issue is 100 pages long, with 2 pages of ads.

In this issue you’ll find the following articles:

  • Intro essay

  • Filmer Pro Video (Don Luong and Corey Glick)

  • Masculine Plank (Bing Liu’s Minding The Gap)

  • Skater’s Place essay

  • Rip/Ride/Cut/Slide (Hannah Höch, collage art,

  • and skateboarding presented by Altamont)

  • Made & Paid (Lisa Whitaker of Meow Skateboards)

  • Photog: Phil McKenzie

  • Infinite Surface (John Dilo)

  • Downtown Breakdown essay

  • SPoT Check

  • Eyes On Everywhere (Sarah Huston)

  • Freedom System (Derick Glancy)

  • Hot Dog Water (Possible Dangers of Vape Pens)

  • Subversers (Trick Report archival feature)

  • Pon Road (Photos from Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain, & Thailand)

  • New Old School (Jonah Hill’s Mid90s)

This issue is printed in the United States of America.

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