Weekend Warlord Patch

Weekend Warlord Patch


Weekend Warlords are here to banish weekend warriors and reclaim our rightful territory: all 7 days of the week. We are gonna:

  1. Eat ALL the food.
  2. Smoke ALL the weed.
  3. Break MOST of the laws.
  4. Make ALL the art.
  5. Respect ALL the people.
  6. Respect ALL the earth.
  7. Leave it BETTER than we found it.

That's 5 ALLs, 1 MOST, and 1 BETTER. That's what it takes to be a Weekend Warlord. Is that YOU? Do YOU have what it takes to stop posers and make the world a better place from the weekend out? If so, then don this sacred crest, walk with the Warlords, and smash the fake. 

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