Made & Paid: Kyle Knoblauch


Made & Paid: Kyle Knoblauch

Photos: Zach Moldof & Andrew Garrett

1.) Where are you from, and where do you live? 

I’m from a shitty suburb outside of Philly called Levittown. Now I live in Hollywood.

2.) Where do you work, and what do you do there? 

I work at Baker Boys. I started in the warehouse doing web orders, but I’ve been a designer there for a little more than 3 years now.

Front Nose Blunt, Andrew Garrett

Front Nose Blunt, Andrew Garrett

3.) What year did you start skating, and what was skating like then? 

I started in 99 or 2000. I was  heavy into World Industries devil man, and Hook Ups. I just wanted to jump off of tall shit. There were some older kids my brother’s age who skated, so I started hanging around them. When I was skating no one my age was doing it. I was always skating with the older kids trying to learn their tricks. Looking back it was the best time–I didn’t worry about money and skated everyday. Now living here,  all I hear is money, and I skate on Saturdays and maybe once or twice during the week.

4.) Which skaters have influenced you the most, and what impact did they each have? 

Heath Kirchart, Marc Johnson, and Jamie Thomas stick out as the ones I’d first seen, and wanted to skate like, from watching videos. As I got older I got to know Cole since he was hometown the hero, and I really wanted to be like him, but that changed.

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5.) What setup do you ride, and how long have you been riding it? 

I ride a Deathwish 8.25” with some formula fours size 53 and thunder trucks. Shake Junt hardware and riser pads. I just started on the riser pads again since I ride my trucks loose and don’t want that wheel bite. Risers are essential.

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6.) Favorite spot to skate lately, and what do you like about it? 

I’m all about rails under 10 stairs and the Baker park. I don’t really hit the streets like I used to when I was a teenager. Just Saturdays. Sometimes I’ll cruise around downtown with the art department on weeknights. That’s so much fun. We’re filming a video.

7.) If you had your own company what would it be like? Do you know what it would be called? 

I think about starting brands all the time, but then I think of all the work and money it takes to be “successful” and it’s not worth it to me. Skateboarding isn’t where I’d put my money. I’d rather create one-off items from thrift store finds if I were to sell anything, and just build up a gang of art work to show one day.  Right now my brother and I make art under the name Mirrorset. You can follow us to see the progress of this gigantic canvas my brothers been working on for 7 years: @mirr0rset. Maybe we will drop some zines shortly too.

8.) Pick 2 companies–1 skate and 1 non skate–that could take over the world. What are the companies, why did you choose them, and what will your world domination look like?

I don’t know if this is hard to imagine. I think if Monsanto and Nike teamed up they could collab on some evil shit that could take over the world. However, I would like to see some wonderful stuff happen like people losing faith in our current system finally, and have the world’s smartest people form committees that address solutions to issues that are broadcast live so everyone can watch and feel included in the process, but that’s sci-fi.