Issa Shop: Island Water Sports


Issa Shop: Island Water sports

Words: Dan Lundy

Photos: Jon Spitzer

Illustration: Zach Moldof

1.) What’s your name? 

Dan Lundy (team manager).

2.) Where is the shop located? 

Deerfield Beach, Florida.

3.) What year did the shop originally open? 


Jamie Foy, Switch Crook

Jamie Foy, Switch Crook

4.) Who opened the shop originally, and who owns it now? 

Kirk and Lucinda Cottrell opened it. It’s currently being run by their 3 kids (Cheyne, Karly, & Linsey) after Kirk passed away. 

5.) Does the shop team have any notable past riders? 

Ben Gore, Andrew Torralvo, Mike Gratz.

6.) Who is on the current team? 

Pedro Delfino, Jamie Foy, Fabiana Delfino, Josh Douglas, Christian Henry, Nikolai Piombo, Race Peschl, Amir Denis, Dart G, Marc Arias, Roman Hager, Noah Nagaro.

Pedro Delfino, Switch Hill Bomb.

Pedro Delfino, Switch Hill Bomb.

7.) What are the top 5 selling brands in your shop? 

Deathwish, obviously because of how well Jamie is doing right now. We can't keep his boards on the shelves. Shake Junt, WKND, Antihero, Welcome, and Polar.

8.) Spots to check when folks are in your area? 

If you're looking to eat some food, there is the Whale’s Rib a few blocks down, really fresh and good seafood. If you're looking for a burger go over the bridge to Charm City Burger Co and get the  “el diablo” with tater tots on the side. You're welcome. If you are looking to skate, there is always the infamous Cheesecake Factory orange hubba, but you have to skate it at night or it’s a bust. If you don't mind a drive there's a cool DIY spot about 20 mins South, just ask a local, or come by the shop and ask us. But make sure you clean up your trash and respect the bums, or else they're gonna be runnin shit again. 

Dan Lundy, Frontside Flip.

Dan Lundy, Frontside Flip.

9.) Who is owning your area right now? 

Right now Pedro Delfino and his sister Fabiana seem to be the ones owning everything in South Florida. Pedro is just the best ATV ripper to watch, and Fabi has one of the best styles and the most unique bag of tricks out of  everyone I've seen, let alone being a chick. Also Amir Denis is someone to watch out for, he has rode for us for about 10 years and his style is getting so good. It’s been a true pleasure to watch him skate and grow into his style.